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Website Design and Mobile Development

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E-Commerce Website Development

Web Hosting and Email setup, We host websites on worlds best VPS providers like DigitalOcean, Linode etc...

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Professional Email

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Website design and development

We do awesome mobile apps and responsive websites

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Respnsive web sites and mobile apps

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine marketing is the most successful form of marketing now a days.
Worldwide, millions of consumers will search the internet daily for product information before purchase; more than 80 percent of them execute searches through Google., Daya Technologie's search engine optimization will strategies will help your websites gain top ranking positions in Google.

We provide Free SEO reviews of your websiteb>
We analyze your existing website and provide SEO review on your website.

A technical design analysis of your site helps us to understand much important site algorithm from a web developer's point of view

Website Content optimization

Well optimized website means more unique visitors via search engine results. Backend coding and content optimization is very important in the development process of a website. Probably the most important of all is the content of the site that needs to be perfectly in order with the Search Engine specifications. We offer you with right advice to update the websites content with adequate keyword density and their placing.

SEO Process